Product description



LactoStop® is a dietary supplement containing the lactase enzyme.
LactoStop® takes a form of small tablets, 5.500 lactase units each.
Taking LactoStop® allows people with lactose intolerance drink milk and eat products containing lactose with no side effects!

LactoStop® action

Lactase contained in LactoStop® replaces the missing endogenous lactase and breaks down food lactose to digestible ingredients: galactose and glucose.
LactoStop® can be used safely by people at any age, including children and pregnant women.

How to use LactoStop®

Using LactoStop® is very easy.
LactoStop® is taken during the consumption of milk or other lactose-containing products to allow for an enjoyable meal.
The lactase demand is different in different individuals, and depends on the level of production of endogenous lactase.

If, following the consumption of lactose-containing products, the symptoms persist, more tablets can be taken until all indigestion symptoms resolve.
Do not take more than the maximum dose indicated on the packaging.


Individuals with lactose intolerance should take the product with each meal that contains lactose.
The demand for lactase is determined individually, because it is dependant upon the level of production of endogenous lactose and the amount of lactase contained in meals and drinks.
A specialist advice should be sought as regards the role of this substance in human diet.

Lactostop is available in two sizes of packagings, containing:

40 tablets
100 tablets
A small immediate packaging is equipped with a handy tablet feeder.