Fusicutan plus

Product description

Initial treatment of eczema or dermatitis complicated by infections with bacteria sensitive to fusidic acid

Pharmacotherapeutic group: corticosteroids of strong action in combination with antibiotics

Fusidic acid inhibits the synthesis of bacterial proteins. As a consequence, degenerative changes lead to the disintegration of the cell wall structure, which causes death of micro-organism.
Fusidic acid shows activity with respect to a wide range of Gram-positive bacteria and Gram-negative cocci, including anaerobic bacteria. It has no effect on other Gram-negative bacteria and fungi.

Betamethasone valerate is a very strong corticosteroid showing a rapid onset of action, as well as significant and long-lasting anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and vasoconstrictor effects. Like all glucocorticosteroids, betamethasone inhibits the proliferation of inflammatory cells, epidermis and adipocytes, and normalizes disturbed keratinisation of epidermal cells