Product description

Predasol is a glucocorticosteroid (corticosteroid) affecting metabolism, electrolyte balance and tissue function.

Predasol is used in the following conditions:
- shock caused by severe allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock) (following injection of adrenaline – a drug acting on the cardiovascular system);
- pulmonary oedema caused by inhalation of toxic substances, such as chlorine, isocyanates, hydrogen sulphide, phosgene, nitrogen or ozone, as a result of penetration of gastro-intestinal into the lungs or as a result of drowning (aspiration of water);
- severe, acute attack of asthma;
- cerebral oedema caused by a brain tumour, neurosurgical procedures, brain abscess, bacterial meningitis;
- risk of organ rejection after kidney transplantation;
- initial treatment of extensive, acute, severe skin diseases such as erythroderma, pemphigus vulgaris, acute eczema;
- acute blood disorders (autoimmune haemolytic anaemia, acute thrombocytopenic purpura);
- post myocardial infarction syndrome (Dressler syndrome: chest pain with fever and inflammation) in case of severe or recurring symptoms from week 5 after myocardial infarction and when other medications have not proved sufficiently effective;
- serious infectious diseases with conditions similar to food poisoning (e.g. in the course of tuberculosis, typhoid), only with additional appropriate antibacterial treatment;
- lack or reduced adrenocortical function (adrenocortical insufficiency): adrenal crisis;
- false croup (inflammation of the airways with dyspnoea and a severe cough).


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