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What TONISAN® is what is its composition?

TONISAN® is an isotonic aqueous solution prepared from Atlantic Ocean water with therapeutic dexpanthenol, intended for nasal application.
In addition to that, besides highly purified water, it contains potassium dihydrogenphosphate which regulates the level of physiological pH in the solution.
TONISAN® contains no artificial colourings, fragrance or preservatives, which makes it very well tolerated.

What is TONISAN® used for?

TONISAN® is used to moisturize, purify, care and protect irritated mucous membranes of the nose, e.g.:

to moisturize irritated mucous membranes of the nose, including as an auxiliary agent in conditions related to rhinitis and hay fever,
to moisturize mucous membranes of the nose when exposed to dry air in heated or air-conditioned buildings, as well as on an aeroplane,
to purify the mucous membranes of the nose if irritated by polluted air, fumes, smoke, ash or dust,
to clear accumulated discharge.

How TONISAN® works?

TONISAN® contains natural water from the Atlantic Ocean.
Under a special expansion process, the concentration of salt dissolved in the water becomes similar to the level that is optimal for the human body and corresponds to salt content found in the mucous membrane cells of the nose.
At the same time, valuable minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, dissolved in the water are preserved.
Natural sea water purifies and gently moisturizes congested and blocked nose.

Beneficial moisturising dexpanthenol forms a delicate film on the mucous membranes of the nose to prolong and enhance the effect of sea water, thus ensuring additional protection and care.
Dexpanthenol retains moisture on the surface of the mucous membranes and facilitates its restoration.
This also facilitates the regeneration of sensitive mucous membranes of the nose and the restoration of its natural protective functions.

In the case of rhinitis, TONISAN® dilutes nasal discharge, allowing it to flow out of the nose more freely.
Dilutes accumulated discharge.
Nose is gently cleansed without depriving the sensitive mucous membranes of its essential moisture.
Breathing through the nose becomes easier.

Due to its caring and protecting properties, TONISAN® permanently alleviates symptoms of dry, irritated and blocked nose, and improves wellness.

Why is nose moisturization and purification important?

Nose plays a role of an air filter and protects the body against the negative influence of polluted air.
Bacterial and viral infections, unfavourable climate or heated air, side effects of drugs, or a high level of air pollution compromise the natural functions of the mucous membranes of the nose which become too dry or damaged.
Very often, the elderly people are suffering due to reduced level of moisturization of the nasal mucous membranes.
Only undamaged, well moisturized mucous membrane of the nose retains its protective properties.
Therefore, it is important to use sea salt in a form of nasal spray with dexpanthenol, which permanently moisturizes, gently cares, and, above all, protects against dryness, without disturbing the natural functions of the mucous membranes.

What should be taken into consideration using TONISAN®?

TONISAN® is very well tolerated and is not addictive.
No special precautions are necessary during its use.
If hypersensitivity to any of the spray's ingredients is known, the spray should not be used.

Similarly, a medical consultation is advised before using TONISAN® after surgery or nasal damage.
No information is available on the risks of using this medical device in pregnancy or by nursing mothers.

TONISAN® medical device should not be used together with other nasal spray (e.g. decongestant nasal spray) to avoid their interaction.

For hygienic reasons, to prevent infections from spreading, the bottle containing spray should be used by one person only.


tonisan - no preservatives TONISAN® is manufactured without the use of preservatives, the bottles are filled using a special dosing system.
Do not separate the application element from the bottle.
If the bottle is damaged, the medical device should no longer be used.

At what doses and how often TONISAN® should be used?

Depending on the needs, use a couple of times a day until symptoms resolve.

Children over 2 years of age and adults:
1 to 2 doses to each nostril
Infants and children 2 years of age or younger:
1 dose to each nostril

How to take TONISAN®?

Before the first use, remove the protective cap and press the dosing system a couple of times until a mist comes out.
Once the pump has been primed, it is ready to be used.

tonisan how to use step 1 1.
Remove the protective cap.

tonisan how to use step 2 2.
Tilt your head slightly.
Press one finger to the other nostril.
Hold the bottle at an angle.
Insert the tip of the bottle into one nostril, breathe in and press the bottom of the bottle with your thumb at the same time.
Take one to two doses.
Repeat in the other nostril.
tonisan how to use step 3 3.
For hygienic reasons, wipe the tip off thoroughly and put the protective cap back.

The content of the packaging is at least 20 ml.
This allows the 20 ml to be applied, however, the actual (technical) content, for design reasons, is greater.

How long TONISAN® can be used?

TONISAN® can be used until symptoms resolve, over a substantial period of time.

In case of prolonged or recurring problems, medical advice should be sought.

If in doubt, doctor or pharmaceutical consultation is advised.

What is the shelf life of TONISAN®?

tonisan expiry date TONISAN® should not be used after the expiry date.
The expiry date is stated on the bottle label and the carton box.
This date applies until the last day of the month.
tonisan 6 months After opening the bottle, TONISAN® must not be used longer than for 6 months.
The bottle, even with unused content, can be disposed of with household waste.

How to store TONISAN®?

Keep away from children.

tonisan temperature

Store at a temperature of no less than 1°C and no more than 25°C.


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